The Heart of Cooperation

What makes The Wellness Cooperative Different


The Wellness Cooperative was lucky enough to come in with a great foundation that Holistic Touch built. Coming into our new version of ourselves we wanted to expand upon the philosophy of whole body wellness to incorporate and "Whole Mindset".

The Whole Mindset is the idea that we as a team work together to bring you the best experience. It is also the mindset that the Mind, Body and Soul/Emotions work together and to reach ultimate health and wellness, all must be aligned and healthy. Where we like to bring it to the next level is taking each individual as a whole and how they impact the community and world around them. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere which benefits our clients, their loved ones and the community around us.

We pride ourselves on not just superior massage, skin and coaching services but also in an environment of education and giving. Our classes, workshops and events are always being updated to fit the community needs.

We are involved in giving back to the community with our 22nd Veterans' Suicide Awareness Events, our Pay It Forward Program and more.

Meet our Team

Jeanette- Owner

Jeanette brings her background in business and marketing, along with her love of natural wellness and serving people to The Wellness Cooperative. Jeanette heads the Essential Oil Education as well as tackling all event and marketing needs. She spent 2+ years as the Business Manager of Holistic Touch before taking over the business from Founder, Linda Wentz, and re-branding as The Wellness Cooperative.

Jeanette serves as a committee chair for the DC area St Jude Walk/Run, as well as being active in Veteran related causes such as Veteran Suicide Prevention.

Body Work Team


 Heather graduated from the National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church. Since graduating, she worked at a chiropractic office in Vienna and for Body, Mind, and Sole, before their merge with Holistic Touch and now The Wellness Cooperative. She has training in Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Thai, Myofascial Release and Aromatherapy. Her passion, and what brought her to massage, is therapy. She always given massages– when she was a kid, her dad would get home from work, tired and sore, and she would rub his shoulders for him. Probably because of that, ever since she was a teen, all a friend would have do is say “my back hurts” and she’d be there, working it out.Her main goal is to take someone who has chronic pain or tension and make them feel better; not just for an hour or a day, but for as long as possible. Because every client is unique, she believes every massage should be too. She uses a combination of medium to deep pressure massage, trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, and active isolated stretching, all uniquely structured to meet each client’s needs. After the massage she will often show clients stretches they can do at home that will help keep up the progress. She loves massage in all its forms and will happily see you for whatever reason you may want to come in, be it just to unwind, to pamper yourself with some aromatherapy, keep yourself tension free for an upcoming marathon, or for much needed therapy 


Sarah graduated from Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage, and has been a licensed massage therapist in Alexandria since 2015. She has completed extended education at both the Esalen Institute in California, and Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy, where she studied Shiatsu (finger pressure) and Thai modalities. Sarah also has specialized training in working with clients who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  She deeply enjoys being a bodyworker, and her number one goal is to use gentle but effective techniques to help you de-stress, relax, and relieve pain. 


 Stephanie Wiggins is an Air Force Veteran and licensed massage therapist. She graduated from the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in Fall Church Virginia and specialize in Swedish and deep tissue therapies. She is currently an Esthetician student at the Esthetic Institute in Vienna Virginia and studying fertility, prenatal and postpartum massage. She has also completed training to become a labor and postpartum doula.

She provides healing restorative massage by intuitively customizing each session to address all of their concerns with high quality care.


Mike believes massage therapy to be a powerful tool in facilitating healing process. As a licensed massage therapist, he is committed to assisting clients in improving their overall health and well-being by treating their specific needs. In order to provide the most effective care, he incorporates several different modalities into his practice including deep tissue, Myofascial release, shiatsu and sports massage. He is straight forward in his approach in that he seeks to focus on the clients specific muscular issues and educate them on the process of alleviation. He aims to consistently provide a soothing yet grounded experience for every session.


She is on a quest to be an exercise professional that challenges and teaches athletes sustainable fitness to athletes of all abilities, economic status, and ages.

Through this journey, she has had the honor of working with professional athletes, directing Alexandria Soccer Association's Academy Fitness and Injury Prevention program, and learn from some of the best minds in sports performance and medicine. 

She has completed over 600 hours of continuing education in advanced coursework in biomechanics, cadaver anatomy, sports performance, joint and muscle function, injury rehabilitation and neurophysiology. With this experience and knowledge, she helps athletes through injury, training, preparing for events and sport specific conditioning. 

Her experience includes:

  • Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences and Pre Physical Therapy
  • Masters of Science in Health and Fitness Management
  • Muscle Activation Techniques™ Master Specialist MAT 
  • Director of Injury Prevention and Fitness at Alexandria Soccer Association
  • Certified through American College of Sports Medicine as an Exericse Physiologist
  • Insured through IDEA Fitness
  • Completed the Muscle Activation Techniques™ Jumpstart series to prescribe isometric based exercise
  • Played Division II collegiate soccer and Maryland ODP.
  • Coaching experience includes Alexandria Soccer Association’s Travel Academy includes TC Williams High School Girls Soccer, Strength and Conditioning Coach WPSL Torino Ladies, and travel girls soccer from ages 10-16 years of age.

Skin Care Specialists


After wearing many different hats in her life, including being a nurse, she finally identified her true passion when she became an Esthetician. Being an Esthetician allows her to continue to care for people and inspires her to learn more about global knowledge of health, science and beauty. The act of caring for individuals with her hands feels ancient and sacred. She also loves exploring health and beauty potions that make us all feel and look our best!
Shw doesn’t often stop thinking about our largest organ (our skin) but when she does she loves to garden. She considers herself an avid garden curator. She loves digging in the dirt and planting flowers, vegetables and especially herbs but she also sometimes enjoys watching the “weeds” grow just to see what they’ll become and ponder about where they came from. 


With a medical background and a love for natural holistic skin wellness, Danielle comes to us from Southern Maryland. She has always loved making others feel comfortable. After working in the medical field as a medical assistant, for almost 10 years, she decided to pursue a career in aesthetics. She is a licensed Master Esthetician in Virginia, and has been practicing for 5 years.

Energy Workers



Nathaly studied Psychology at NVCC and  decided she wanted to continue her studies geared toward a more holistic approach. She discovered hypnosis 8 years ago and saw the positive effects it had on her life, also serving as a catalyst for her own journey of growth and self realization. She  received her Hypnosis training at Virginia Hypnosis in Alexandria, Virginia. She is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotist, the leading national organization for hypnosis.

Nathaly is a Certified Holistic Life Coach studying at the Spencer Institute a coaching division of (NESTA) National Exercise & Sport Trainers Association.  Accredited  by the Board of American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

As a Usui Reiki Practitioner, she often times incorporates crystals, incense, essential oils, and angel cards in her sessions. She is fully devoted to assisting others on their journey, wherever they may be.



Lindsey lives, eats, and breathes, the outdoor air.  She has always incorporated movement into her regimen through soccer, basketball, and triathlons.  As she grew older (and wiser) Lindsey learned to incorporate mindfulness into her daily routine through yoga, and went on to guide others through movement as a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200, 85-CPYT).  Although physically fit, Lindsey suffered from years of chronic sinus infections, digestive distress, and a multitude of misdiagnoses and shrugs from doctors, (not to mention carrying extra weight around her belly, despite high intensity work outs).  In 2014, Lindsey decided to take back control of her life, starting with not only “what” foods and products she allowed herself to consume, but the “why” behind it.  Therefore, she looks at life in a holistic sense (stress, food, relationships, finances, etc.). Her night sweats turned into sound sleep, and her digestive grumbles disintegrated as her belly and soul started to overflow with knowledge of what her body needed to thrive.  Lindsey lives by the mantra of “bioindividuality” or just because it works for me, doesn’t mean it works for you!  After seven years with Fairfax County Public Schools in their Early Childhood Special Education program and completion of the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, Lindsey left her 9 to 5.  Lindsey fully immerses herself in facilitating motivated individuals to create lifestyle and nutrition goals to support stronger immunity and self-empowerment. 


 A free-spirit at heart, Tara has always connected with landscapes and animals in a deep way. Her love of the outdoors led to a Bachelor's in Environmental Biology from Barnard College/Columbia University, where she worked in the University's greenhouse and studied the conservation of Sea Turtles in Mexico. Being grounded allowed her to see how the planet provides all the resources we need to survive and thrive. With a "food is medicine" mindset, she apprenticed and worked on organic farms on Maui and in urban areas like Boston, Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco. She acquired her Master's in Agriculture, Food, and the Environment from Tufts University which gave her the formal knowledge to educate, design gardens, and engage communities in their food landscape. 

Tara also is a licensed Zumba Instructor, certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, and doTerra Wellness Advocate. Books are her second home and cats are her spirit animals.  

Esosa E

Esosa E. also known as “Raw Girl” is a dynamic holistic health expert and health coach with ten years of experience inspiring others to live their best healthiest lives.  She is passionate about working with communities, organizations, and individuals to improve their health. Esosa's personal health crises and battle with acne and chronic fatigue led her to change her lifestyle and begin avid studies of holistic health in the Master's program at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Following the inner yearning to share her vegan lifestyle of twenty years, Esosa created Raw Girl in a Toxic World, a health blog where her writing about a range of health topics has been published online and reached hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide. Recently she Founded Raw Beauty in a Box, an online course portal that features classes that teach inner and outer beauty tips. She is the author of several books including: TheAcne-Free Diet, Parasites Be Gone!, and Got Veg? How to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet. Outside of her passion for health, Esosa is an award winning, globe-trotting producer, actress, and fashion designer who has been featured in Glamour, Elle, Ebony, Black Enterprise and more. She is well versed in all aspects of wellness and nutrition and specializes in plant-based nutrition and transitioning, weight loss, healing acne,  eating for beauty, parasite cleansing, and detoxification.

Our Philosophy

What makes The Wellness Cooperative different than the average day spa.

What is Reiki?

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