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What makes The Wellness Cooperative Different


The Wellness Cooperative was lucky enough to come in with a great foundation that Holistic Touch built. Coming into our new version of ourselves we wanted to expand upon the philosophy of whole body wellness to incorporate a "Whole Mindset".

The Whole Mindset is the idea that we as a team work together to bring you the best experience. It is also the mindset that the Mind, Body and Soul/Emotions work together and to reach ultimate health and wellness, all must be aligned and healthy. Where we like to bring it to the next level is taking each individual as a whole and how they impact the community and world around them. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere which benefits our clients, their loved ones and the community around us.

We pride ourselves on not just superior massage, skin and coaching services but also in an environment of education and giving. Our classes, workshops and events are always being updated to fit the community needs.

We are involved in giving back to the community with our 22nd Veterans' Suicide Awareness Events, our Pay It Forward Program and more.

Meet the Team

Jeanette - Owner


Jeanette is the owner of The Wellness Cooperative, a premier holistic spa located in Old Town, Alexandria. With an extensive background covering many fields, Jeanette has earned a Masters in Linguistics from University of Washington, certification in Aromatherapy from American College of Healthcare Sciences, certification as a Holistic Life Coach from the Spencer Institute, and certification as an Empowerment Coach from the Universal Coach Institute. She has a passion for serving other and charity work and serves as the the Networking Chair for the St Jude Walk/Run DC as well as working to promote awareness and prevention of suicide in the veteran community. She is currently authoring a book and creating a podcast focused on practical self-care.

Body Work Team



**On Medical Leave Indefinitely**

 Heather graduated from the National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church. Since graduating, she worked at a chiropractic office in Vienna and for Body, Mind, and Sole, before their merge with Holistic Touch and now The Wellness Cooperative. She has training in Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Thai, Myofascial Release and Aromatherapy. Her passion, and what brought her to massage, is therapy. She always given massages– when she was a kid, her dad would get home from work, tired and sore, and she would rub his shoulders for him. Probably because of that, ever since she was a teen, all a friend would have do is say “my back hurts” and she’d be there, working it out.Her main goal is to take someone who has chronic pain or tension and make them feel better; not just for an hour or a day, but for as long as possible. Because every client is unique, she believes every massage should be too. She uses a combination of medium to deep pressure massage, trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, and active isolated stretching, all uniquely structured to meet each client’s needs. After the massage she will often show clients stretches they can do at home that will help keep up the progress. She loves massage in all its forms and will happily see you for whatever reason you may want to come in, be it just to unwind, to pamper yourself with some aromatherapy, keep yourself tension free for an upcoming marathon, or for much needed therapy 



 Yukie, graduated from Northern Virginia school of Therapeutic Massage, (NVSTM), in April, 2017. There she learned Swedish Massage, Connective Tissue Therapy, Neuro-muscular Technique, Reflexology, and Sports Massage (Muscle Energy Technique MET), and Cupping.
Yukie enjoys tailoring each massage to best fits her clients needs, be it to have a relaxing experience, to alleviate an acute injury or chronic pain.

She has always had a strong interest in the health and wellness of the human body, and she is also certified NASM personal Trainer since 2013, and also recently become a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.   She also is currently a fitness instructor at The Worx by Maia.

Her forces is to assist in healing clients by reducing or eliminating adhesions, spasms, and tension due to stress related injuries.

She is excited to work with new clients and help them to improve and maintain good health



Michele’s passion for massage therapy arose within her through her own spiritual awakening and healing process. Michele feels lucky to have the opportunity to hold space with her clients and help them with their well-being and self-healing. A key part of her mantra is she believes you are worthy of self-care.

Michele Mahoney graduated from Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage. She’s a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Therapeutic Massage, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sports & Stretching Massage, and Aromatherapy. She’s also interested in how to use Abdominal Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Hydrotherapy as part of the healing process. 

In addition to her work as a Massage Therapist, Michele is also a Soil and Plant Scientist. She relaxes by knitting, sewing, gardening, and listening to music. She hangs out in Arlington with her husband and cat.



 Her passion is to help others improve their health and wellness through pain management, relaxation, and diverse massage techniques. Her goal is to build a wellness practice where people regularly visit to improve their emotional wellness and physical health.

She launched this challenging journey by becoming a Reiki practitioner over 20 years ago. She studied relaxation therapy and became a Reiki Master following her Board Certification as a Massage Therapist by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Body Work. She focuses on massage techniques, nutrition, breathing and relaxation techniques, which improve her own health, as well as her ability to help others. Among other modalities, she is experienced in infant and pregnancy massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, massage cupping, muscle-melt-trigger-point therapy with counter-strain-movement, Reiki, and Qigong.

As an Usui Shiki Ryoh Reiki Master and Qigong Healing practitioner, she helps her clients release the physical tensions that block optimal health and wellness. As a Board Certified Massage Therapist, she customizes treatment modalities to the client’s unique condition. The objective of every session is to rehydrate the connective tissue, strengthen muscles and nurture the body, mind and spirit. Her goal is to help clients engage and relax in order to receive a refreshing experience that reconnects them with their body’s healing power.



 His journey as a massage therapist continues to evolve after 12 years of practice. After several years of treating a diverse clientele with all ranges of musculoskeletal dysfunction, he rediscovered his passion for bodywork through teaching. Since his successful tenure as a massage therapy instructor, he has gone on to excel at accommodating clients through injury recovery/prevention, kinesthetic education, pain management and wellness orientation. His career has had many highlights over the years. He was awarded Massage Envy Therapist of the Year 2016 for the North Virginia/Washington D.C. area as well as ABMP Brand Therapist of the year 2016. He also has an article published in the December 2017 issue of Massage Magazine, and has appeared on the morning show Wake Up Washington to promote the benefits of massage therapy. Finally, he has written four, ABMP-approved continuing education courses for the American Massage and Bodywork Institute that are still being taught today. 


Swedish Massage Deep Tissue/Therapeutic

Myofascial Release Training/Education

Prenatal Sports Massage

Pain Management Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Headache Therapy Hydrotherapy

Kinematics Chair Massage

Skin Care Specialists



After wearing many different hats in her life, including being a nurse, she finally identified her true passion when she became an Esthetician. Being an Esthetician allows her to continue to care for people and inspires her to learn more about global knowledge of health, science and beauty. The act of caring for individuals with her hands feels ancient and sacred. She also loves exploring health and beauty potions that make us all feel and look our best!
Shw doesn’t often stop thinking about our largest organ (our skin) but when she does she loves to garden. She considers herself an avid garden curator. She loves digging in the dirt and planting flowers, vegetables and especially herbs but she also sometimes enjoys watching the “weeds” grow just to see what they’ll become and ponder about where they came from. 



 With a love for natural holistic skin wellness and a passion for advanced skin health, Danielle puts care into each and every treatment she performs. She has always loved making others feel comfortable. After working in the medical field as a medical assistant, for almost 10 years, she decided to pursue a career in aesthetics. Now a licensed Master Esthetician in Virginia, and has been practicing for 6 years. When she is not peering through the magnifying lamp, Danielle is cuddling with her fur baby. She comes to us from Southern Maryland and loves to travel in her free time.

Energy Workers



 Nathaly is a Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotist and Transformational Coach.  She received her Hypnosis training at Virginia Hypnosis in Alexandria, Virginia. She is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotist, the leading national organization for hypnosis. Nathaly was trained by the Spencer Institute a coaching division of (NESTA) National Exercise & Sport Trainers Association. Accredited by the Board of American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  Nathaly had the unique experience of being a spiritual child, always being drawn to her life purpose of healing. A lifetime of questioning everything and empathically absorbing the pain of those around her. She began cultivating her gift from the age of 13, learning everything from past life regression, meditation, crystal healing and oracle reading. She began doing womb and sacral healing from the age of 16 and became a Reiki Practitioner at the mere age of 19.  Now, she offers a lifetime of experience, expertise, and intuition into all of her work. She has the gift of transmuting pain into power; Recognizing cyclical mental limitations as well as intuitively feeling energetic and emotional blockages. She has learned the art of co-creation and empowers her clients to manifest their dream reality. 




 Kristine started her coaching journey years ago through the powerful experience of being coached. Kristine chose George Mason University’s, Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program to obtain her coaching certification due to their specialized focus in well-being, which compliments her educational background in the Behavioral Sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology and Johns Hopkins University. She is currently enrolled in The Flourishing Center’s Certification in Applied Positive Psychology. Kristine is certified to offer the Hogan Personality Assessments, Shift Positive 360, and can interpret 360s and other strength based evaluations.

As a management consultant, Kristine has invested decades in roles helping people and organizations manage change. Currently, Kristine has developed an internal consulting practice at the Department of Homeland Security that specializes in combining creative strategies to mobilize leaders and the workforce for change while enhancing employee engagement through organizational well-being.

Kristine leverages her education, with her own personal journey and professional experiences in her ability to coach individuals with the necessary tools to manage change in their life transitions. She is able to provide a space for growth in helping her clients see the shifts in themselves and their choices, to be able to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her experience as an organizational consultant has enabled Kristine to listen on all levels, leading to insightful reflections, behavior and mind shifts to gaining healthier perspectives. Kristine’s honest and grounded approach helps clients gain self-awareness to create new approaches and possibilities to be their best self.


Janette, a woman with brown hair and bangs.

As a Certified Health Coach, Janette is passionate about guiding and empowering busy professionals in creating happier, healthier lives. Janette received her education at Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, studying dietary theories, contemporary health issues and topics, and Eastern and Western nutrition. At IIN, she had the pleasure of learning from some of the top professionals in the nutrition field, such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Katz of Yale University. She is also an accredited member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Some of Janette’s other passions include, Pilates and using Plant Based Medicine (Essential Oils) to create vibrant health. She received her Pilates Teacher training through Equinox Pilates Teacher Training Institute, which is a classically based Pilates Teacher Training Program. Her Pilates Teacher Trainer, and mentor, studied under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska-a first generation student of Joseph Pilates and world renowned Pilates Instructor. She also received her certificate in the Fletcher Mat Pilates Coursework.



 Betty is a health coach who is passionate about nutrition, healthy eating, natural remedies, and holistic approaches to living a healthier life. Through her own struggles with psoriasis, Betty found her way into holistic health coaching to help others with chronic illness heal body, mind, and spirit, discovering her "true calling" in the process.

She works with clients to find what works best for them to achieve their goals, as well as providing tools so each learns how to live a healthier life. Betty, herself, follows a lifestyle that focuses on finding the beauty of eating simply, clean, and purposefully to nurture and heal the body. 

Betty was trained by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), as a holistic health coach and is certified in Nutrition and Healthy Living by Cornell University. 

In addition, Betty is board certified by American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and the International Association of Health Coaches. She is also a member of the American Holistic Health Association and the Academy of Integrated Health & Medicine. 

Betty practices Reiki as a way to help her clients heal and balance their bodies and minds. She received her Reiki training and practitioner certification in Gendai Reiki from Tamao Miyoshi Albert, Gendai Reiki Network USA.

Betty enjoys cooking, connecting with friends, and lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband and two children. 




Jennifer is a wholistic Mental Health Counselor, coach, 200-hour registered yoga teacher, and a living foods chef with over a decade of experience working with individuals, couples and families in private practice, non-profit and public school settings. She is passionate about bringing mental health education and awareness out from behind the mystery and stigma of the “closed therapists’ door” and into the mainstream, where people can learn, share and grow together. Her focus is present centered, future orientated, co-creative, compassionate and empathetic.

As such, Jenny companions and collaborates with clients in a variety of ways, facilitates supportive groups, classes and book clubs, and creates safe communities in which to experiment and try new things. Jenny combines evidence-based sciences with alternative healing modalities (also evidenced based) to create individualized self-care practices and routines that encourage improving (and sustaining) one’s overall optimum health and well-being. Using a myriad of disciplines, such as: psychology, sports psychology, yoga, nutrition, philosophy, meditation, breathe work, music, dance, art, etc. we create personalized, comprehensive and measurable plans that are tailored to each persons circumstances, needs and goals. Research makes clear that by attending to the mind/body connection, people can feel better faster and are able to implement lasting change with more ease and less resistance.

Jenny graduated GWU with a Master’s in School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2010, became certified in trauma-based CBT in 2011, trained with internationally renowned author and co-founder of Positive Discipline Dr. Jane Nelsen, becoming a Certified PD Parent and Classroom Educator in 2012, completed her Ph.D. level coursework in clinical mental health and alternative modalities in 2016, earning her an Educational Specialists degree, became a 200-hour yoga instructor in 2018, and will become EMDR-Certified in the winter of 2019. During her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, taking long walks in nature, and traveling.

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Jennifer is on a quest to be an exercise professional that challenges and teaches athletes sustainable fitness to athletes of all abilities, economic status, and ages.Through this journey, she has had the honor of working with professional athletes, directing Alexandria Soccer Association's Academy Fitness and Injury Prevention program, and learn from some of the best minds in sports performance and medicine. She has completed over 600 hours of continuing education in advanced coursework in biomechanics, cadaver anatomy, sports performance, joint and muscle function, injury rehabilitation and neurophysiology. With this experience and knowledge, she helps athletes through injury, training, preparing for events and sport specific conditioning. Her experience includes:

  • Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences and Pre Physical Therapy
  • Masters of Science in Health and Fitness Management
  • Muscle Activation Techniques™ Master Specialist MAT 
  • Director of Injury Prevention and Fitness at Alexandria Soccer Association
  • Certified through American College of Sports Medicine as an Exericse Physiologist
  • Insured through IDEA Fitness
  • Completed the Muscle Activation Techniques™ Jumpstart series to prescribe isometric based exercise
  • Played Division II collegiate soccer and Maryland ODP.
  • Coaching experience includes Alexandria Soccer Association’s Travel Academy includes TC Williams High School Girls Soccer, Strength and Conditioning Coach WPSL Torino Ladies, and travel girls soccer from ages 10-16 years of age.



Olivia comes to us from Salon de Zen to perform wonderful Microblading services.